Recently, it appears television, magazines and newspapers have been saturated with advertisements from divorce and family law lawyers. I noticed that the majority of the advertisements have a common theme; lawyers seem to focus on telling their potential clients how much experience and skill they have and often brag about how superior they are and the tremendous results they allegedly achieved. When did it become acceptable and fashionable for attorneys to brag about themselves and their law firms? Our parents did not raise us to brag about our accomplishments and success for things we are paid and expected to do. A lawyer’s integrity, behavior, and performance speaks for itself. A lawyer’s education, specialty, and experience can easily be researched on their websites and social media accounts. My firm has been trying to shift the paradigm back to a time when the focus was on the client. My law firm specializes on YOU, our client. What are YOUR concerns, needs, circumstances, and goals? Then we develop a plan of action that helps you fulfill your needs and achieve your goals. If your situation requires services beyond your family law/divorce case, my firm has specialists that can provide services in every type of law except for criminal and patent law. So what can Gene Leposki and the law firm of Underwood Perkins, P.C. do for you?

Gene Leposki
Underwood Perkins, Family Law