Gene Leposki, Certified Family Law Specialist
Underwood Perkins, P.C.

Tagging is identifying or referencing a person in photos, videos, or posts on Facebook. An ex-wife used Facebook to tag her former sister-n-law. The sister-in-law had a protective order against the ex-wife prohibiting contact by phone, email, in person or other forms of communication. Ex-wife posted two comments tagging her sister-in-law calling her stupid, and calling her family “sad”. The Judge ruled the tags were prohibited communications and she is facing jail time.

In family law cases, there are often protective orders in place and a protected person(s) must understand what behavior he/she is protected from, and a person subject to a protective order, needs to be very leary of such comments on social media. If one is not careful and knowledgeable concerning the ever-changing law regarding the internet, he/she may find themselves in prison for seemingly harmless comments posted online.