No matter what your position is regarding the use of corporal punishment on your child, broadcasting it live on Facebook is unfathomable.  Discipline implemented in an appropriate manner that fits the specifics of the behavior that needs to be adjusted, has many possible beneficial results.  However, embarrassing your child on the internet for the world to see, is unconscionable. The videotape will exist for the child’s lifetime.  The daughter may now be the subject of ridicule, bullying and perhaps shunned by her peers.  Some kids who have been embarrassed publicly, tried to relieve their pain and suffering by attempting/committing suicide or acted out in other destructive ways.  Others have suffered lifetime emotional and psychological issues.  A mother should be a nurturer, caregiver, teacher, and protector of her child(ren).  In my opinion, a mother broadcasting the punishment of her daughter did none of those things and was completely over the line.

Gene Leposki, Certified Family Law Specialist
Underwood Perkins, P.C.